How To Find & Hire The Best Content Writing Coach In 2020

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84% of B2B businesses outsource their content creation.

That means content writing is an in-demand skill that you can turn into a career. Even if you don’t want to be a professional writer, it’s a skill that could help grow your brand as an entrepreneur or marketing professional.

And that’s one of the reasons you need to hire a content writing coach. It’s an investment you must make if you want to write professionally.

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    Why Hire A Content Writing Coach?

    Yes, writing is a creative discipline. But if you’re to succeed at creating effective content, you must find a content writing mentor. A few reasons for this include:

    Writing is a business

    Because of this, you’ll need more than just creativity to succeed. You’ll also need a mentor to help you navigate the business side of writing.

    Enhance content development

    Keeping up with content writing best practices on your own can be overwhelming. If you hire a content writing consultant, they will help you develop your content skills professionally. If you’re a writer, you’ll be able to market yourself better.

    Meet content goals faster

    When you find a content writing mentor, they will pass on their knowledge and experience to you. This will help you avoid the mistakes they made. Most importantly, it will help you reach your writing goals faster.

    How To Find A Content Writing Coach

    Great! You’ve established that you need to hire a content writing coach. Now the question remains - where can you find one?

    Fortunately, finding a content writing mentor is not as difficult as it seems. Yes, writing appears to be a lonely path to travel. However, there are many places you can find someone to help you traverse the road to being a successful content writer.

    Social Media Websites

    Thanks to social media, connecting with other web content writers has become easy. Search common platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc) for active groups and join them.

    Example of Facebook group to find content writing mentor

    Let’s take Facebook for example. To find writing groups, use the top search bar on Facebook to search for a topic, like Content Writing. And then select Groups from the left sidebar.

    Search Content Writing Groups To Hire Coach

    In most cases, the moderators of said groups are veteran content writers. Take your time to observe the discussions within the group. Use them to gauge whether the moderators or other members can make for a suitable mentor.

    Content Writing Communities

    Whether online or in-person, there are myriad communities built by content writers. These serve as peer support groups. Most go beyond support and help members become better at crafting great content.

    They are also a great place to learn the business side of content writing. Find and join a couple of these communities.

    A couple of examples of online communities for freelance writers are the Freelance Writers Den and Be a Freelance Blogger.

    Community of content writing consultants

    While these are more general in nature, you can also find niche communities built around a specific type of web content writing. Copy Hackers is a great example as the community is mainly for those interested in sales copywriting.

    Another great place to find writing communities is on Slack. There are many Slack channels dedicated to the art and business of content writing. You’re bound to find one in which you’ll fit in - and find a content writing coach.

    Take A Content Writing Course

    Investing in content writing courses is a great way to polish up your writing skills. It’s also a great way to find a content writing mentor. And there are literally tens of thousands of content writing courses on Udemy alone:

    Finding content writing coach from online course

    Most online writing courses are developed and run by veteran writers. And most of the time, they are open to coaching.

    Reach out to those you feel are a good fit for your dreams and vision. Let them know you’re looking to hire a content writing coach.

    And make sure you prove you’ll be a great mentee too. You can do this by showing them your work and any other investments you’ve made to further your business.

    Use Search Engines

    Most writing coaches have websites. A simple Google search for “content writing coach” or something similar will yield over 221 million results.

    Hire content writing mentor from Google

    Visit some of their websites and sign up for their email lists. Similarly, following other content writing blogs is a great way to find a content writing mentor.

    Read their blog posts and blog comments to know them better. It will also help you build a relationship that can lead to mentorship.

    Picking The Right Coach

    So you’ve found some potential content writing coaches. The next step is to choose the one who will help you take your content writing to the next level.

    So how do you choose the right content writing mentor? Here are a few questions to ask that will help you choose your content writing coach:

    Are They Credible?

    The first question you need to ask when evaluating a content writing coach is their credibility. Remember, there’s no school for content writing coaching. Anyone can set up a website and claim to be the best content writing coach.

    To avoid falling into the wrong hands, check out each potential coach’s credibility. You can do this by checking reviews on their website or other third-party platforms.

    For example, if they’re on Udemy, look at their star ratings and read past students’ reviews.

    Checking credibility of content writing mentor

    Additionally, you can also follow them on social media. Note how they conduct themselves and what other people say about them.

    How Long Have They Been Writing?

    Before you hire a content writing coach, you must find out how long they’ve written. This is important as it will show you if they’ve truly walked the path you want to walk.

    In the same vein, it’s also important to establish if they’re still in the writing business. Some coaches switch to full-time coaching and lose touch of what’s happening in the writing industry.

    Such a coach could limit you as they’ll only be able to share outdated information. Here’s an example of a content writing coach who walks the talk Carol Tice of Make a Living Writing:

    Bio example of content writing coach

    It’s evident from her bio that she’s a veteran writer and content writing coach who’s still in the business of writing.

    If you can’t find this information on their website, you can simply shoot them an email asking them. And if they respond to DMs on social media, you can also strike up a conversation there.

    The bottom line, only hire a content writing coach that practices what they preach. And they should be successful at it themselves - with proof to back it up.

    Specialization In Your Type Of Content

    Not every successful content writing coach is the right fit for you. Remember, content writing is a broad industry with several different niches.

    That’s why you must hire a content writing mentor whose writing path resembles the one you want to trod on. For example, you can’t hire a coach who specializes in sales copy when your preferred vertical is blog and article writing.

    Details Of Their Coaching Program

    There are no set rules and formats for how a coaching program should go. To avoid surprises (and disappointment), make sure to find out how extensive your potential coaches program is.

    Besides determining how extensive the program is, you must also determine how it is structured. For example, will it be an hourly call every week? Or will it be done in a group setting via video conferencing?

    There are many different ways coaching can be done. You need to know how your content writing coach does it.

    Understanding how a coaching program is structured will help you determine if you’re compatible. It will also give you insight into whether you’ll gain the knowledge you’re looking to learn.

    Moreover, you’ll also know if you’ll gain ongoing support once the coaching program is over.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re a budding writer, marketer, or businessperson; hiring a content writing coach is a worthwhile investment. This is because no matter which stage of the journey you’re on, there’s always someone who can help you go further.

    If you find a content writing mentor that has a proven track record, you’ll definitely reap the rewards of the investment. You’ll learn to write content that moves the needle and drives tangible results.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try these tips? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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