Content Writing Jobs In 2020: Your Guide To Get The Best Gigs

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A 2018 study from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shows that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. In addition, 86% of B2C marketers think content marketing is a key strategy.

As companies increase their spending on quality content year after year, we have more writing projects than ever, spanning different content forms.

These include blog post writing, copywriting, website content and technical writing, among others.

In this article, you’re going to get everything you need to find, apply for and land with the best content writing jobs.

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    Before You Begin

    To increase your chances of success, it’s better to put some things in order first. These steps will help you build a strong foundation to rely on when applying for copywriting gigs.

    Pick A Niche

    Before you break into blogging jobs, look for clients, or put fingers to keyboard, you first need to pick a niche.

    Your niche is the specific space and target market you intend to write content for. It’s a specific group of people and their needs that you can distinguish in some way.

    But if the category that you choose is really broad, then it can’t be called a niche. For example, all the people interested in golf, all the fitness enthusiasts, or all the nerds do not form a niche.

    For a category to be called a niche, it has to be more specific. Here are some examples:

    • Seniors interested in improving their golf swing.
    • Accounting and tax calculation for freelancers.
    • College students interested in learning how to cook.
    • Social skills for shy teenagers.
    • Women seeking to build muscle.

    Note how each of these target a much more specific subject and audience. Pick any industry and it’s filled with hundreds of such specific niches that can be targeted for blog writing job opportunities.

    Alt Text: Pick a niche for writing projects

    When getting started with copywriting job opportunities, your best option is to pick something you already have some skill or experience in.

    For instance, let’s say you know a lot about smart homes. So think about what type of brands would be interested in hiring someone who can write about smart homes.

    Then you can make a list of these companies to reach out and say that you specialize in writing content in their niche.

    This kind of approach is more likely to succeed when looking for content writing jobs instead of not specializing in anything and targeting random companies.

    Pick Type(s) of Content Writing

    There are a number of different types of web content, based on their objective, format and mode of communication. As a result, there are different forms of content writing.

    As someone looking for copywriting gigs, you could be a generalist - good at adapting to varying forms like blog posts, ebooks, sales copies, social media posts, emails, user documentation and more.

    Or you could choose to specialize and establish expertise in only one form. This will also help you stand out when you’re pitching your service as a copywriter, or when someone asks what you do.

    For example, instead of saying, “I am a tech writer,” it’s better to say, “I write emails that sell smartphone apps.” So let’s take a closer look at each of the content writing formats.

    Blog Posts - A blog post is by far the most commonly written piece of content for the web, which explains the sheet number of blogging jobs available.

    And for good reason, writing blog posts on a consistent basis is an effective and low cost way to grow a brand.

    Web Page Copies - This type of content writing comprises most of the material written for all the standard pages of a website.

    Website content writing jobs

    This type of content comprises all the information a prospect may want to know about the business, their products/services, and how they benefit the prospect.

    These include homepage, about us page, products and services pages, and contact information page, along with terms, policies and frequently asked questions.

    Social Media Posts - In this day and age, social media is a big way for businesses and customers to connect and interact with one another.

    That’s why the ability to write engaging social media posts for each type of platform is highly sought after in a professional writer.

    Advertising/Sales Copywriting - When looking for writing projects, another option is to specialize in copywriting. Copywriting involves writing content intended to make people interested in a brand’s product or service.

    These include email newsletter, social media advertising, landing pages and paid search campaigns.

    Technical/Industry Writing - In some industries, it’s impossible to produce good content if the writer doesn’t have formal education or experience. These include niches like:

    • Finance and banking
    • Healthcare and medicine
    • Legal rules and regulations
    • Deep technology and science

    Because of the complexity and risks involved, it’s harder to break into content writing for technical purposes. However, if you can, you are likely to be paid more than generalist content writers.

    Product Knowledge/Documentation - The more features and complexity a product or service has, the deeper need for thorough documentation. So this could also be a very lucrative content writing job.

    This area of content writing deals with documenting product features, updates, use cases, guides and tutorials.

    Knowledge base copywriting gigs

    In a way, this is similar to technical writing as a writer will need proper knowledge of the product and industry it operates in.

    Build A Writing Portfolio

    No one will hire you for blog writing job opportunities without seeing some samples of your work first. So it’s time to begin copywriting.

    You’ll then publish your work online as your portfolio. This way you can easily share your writing samples with potential employers or clients.

    Set Up A Blog - The first thing I’d recommend is that you start your own blog. This will help you with not just writing, but also learn the complementary skills that most employers and clients look for.

    Moreover, having your own blog has a number of advantages:

    • An active blog will help you promote yourself to get jobs and clients.
    • Your blog content will act as a portfolio to showcase your writing skills.
    • A blog can be monetized later in many ways to supplement your income.

    It’s really cheap and super easy these days to create a blog and start publishing articles. You can get good quality website hosting and domain for as low as $5/month and install WordPress (the best blogging software) for free.

    Image Source: Exploristic

    Even if you have zero budget, there are several free options to create sample content for copywriting job opportunities. These include platforms like Medium, and LinkedIn.

    Once the setup is complete, come up with a few topics to write about and start writing content on them one by one. You will also benefit from setting some writing goals for yourself at this stage to help you stay on track.

    Write Guest Posts - Here’s another great way to get great feedback to improve your content writing, while also building a solid portfolio.

    Pitch to contribute content to blogs and publications in your chosen niche. So you get learning and exposure and they get free content.

    However, keep in mind that it’s not going to be easy. You’ll have to work hard and keep pitching to several websites.

    15 Places To Find Writing Jobs

    Now that you’ve picked your specialization and built a portfolio, you’re ready to start finding and applying for content writing jobs.

    There are many websites to identify and apply to copywriting gigs you may be interested in. These include:

    Problogger - One of the first to the scene, ProBlogger has a variety of full time, contract, part-time and remote jobs in the content writing space.

    By signing up as a candidate, you can get access to a dashboard to create your profile with resume, view your job submissions, and configure alerts for new blogging jobs.

    BloggingPro - Another good service for content writers seeking jobs related to blogging, copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, email and technical writing.

    The website is updated frequently with new blog writing job opportunities and claims to have a fast response time.

    Mediabistro - A great option is you seek content writing projects in PR, marketing and journalism space.

    It is filled with copywriting job opportunities from leading media houses like Bloomberg, CNN and NBC. You also have the option to set up a profile to be viewed by potential employers.

    All Freelance Writing - From news outlets and journals to business blogs and technical writing, this site is home to plenty of content writing jobs.

    A great feature which makes this platform stand out is the pay rate range. This makes it easy for you to decide whether applying is worth the effort.

    Contently - Contently is a platform connecting writers with brands. You will need to sign up and submit your portfolio. Once your profile has been reviewed and approved, you can start getting copywriting gigs.

    Contently works with big name brands like GM, Google, Walmart, Coca Cola and GE. So the pay is supposed to be good if you have the experience.

    We Work Remotely & - Both these websites cater to jobs for several professions, but also have a good share of blogging jobs.

    To post a job on any of these sites, companies pay a couple hundred bucks. So you can be sure that the brands posting jobs on these sites are really interested in hiring someone.

    Contena - Contena works on a membership model. It collects a wide variety of content writing jobs to choose from, which are visible to members only.

    Membership fee starts from $42 per month. Contena members also get access to Contena Academy for learning. Plus, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. - is another writing platform connecting companies with content writers. They work with brands in a number of industries who want to outsource content writing.

    While they pay high rates to content writers, there is a rigorous screening process first to ensure quality of talent. The acceptance rate is known to be less than 1%.

    Jobspresso - Jobspresso features high-quality content writing jobs which are hand-picked manually by experts. Companies who post jobs on this site include big names like Microsoft, Amazon, InVision and Github among others.

    In addition to browning their list of jobs, you can also upload your resume to get noticed by potential recruiters.

    TextBroker - From press releases and blog posts to product descriptions and white papers, Textbroker claims to process 100,000+ orders per month.

    To be eligible to work as a freelance writer, you will have to sign up, fill in a profile and upload your writing samples. After reviewing your samples, TextBroker will give you an author rating and you’ll start receiving projects based on the score.

    Outsourcely - Outsourcely works mainly with startups and small businesses looking to hire remote writers on a full time or part time basis.

    You will need to fill out your profile, and apply for blog writing job opportunities that interest you. The startups can also directly reach out to you if they liked your profile.

    Skyword - Skyword connects content writers with top-tier companies in a variety of verticals. Payment is on a per-assignment basis.

    When creating a profile on this site, make sure to convey the depth of your experience and proven expertise. You’ll have a better chance to be considered.

    Constant Content - Similar content creation service to Skyword, Constant Content acts as a link between companies and content writers.

    The signup process involves a short quiz and you’ll also submit a 100-250 word writing sample. If you are accepted, you can start applying to content writing projects and get requests from potential employers.

    Virtual Vocations - Virtual Locations is a job platform with a lot of telecommuting jobs, which also include copywriting job opportunities.

    You can create a free account or opt for a premium membership, which starts at $15.99 a month. You get access to certain resources and get alerted by new content writing jobs.

    Bonus Tip: Also see our list of 25+ online content writing communities you don’t wanna miss.

    Create Your Own Writing Opportunities

    As you can see in the previous section, there are plenty of websites and opportunities in the world of professional writing. In fact, I have covered just a few of the hundreds of websites where you can go to apply for copywriting gigs.

    This is not by accident. The key to succeed in this profession is your ability to find blogging jobs which can pay top dollar for your content.

    And I believe scouting and applying on writing job websites is not the best way to go about it. There are two reasons why:

    • Quality of jobs - Majority of gigs are low paying content writing jobs by low-budget employers.
    • High Competition - Each job posting attracts thousands of applications from aspiring writers, including many who are willing to work at a low price.

    So to combat these issues and be a well-paid content writer, you must learn to identify and create your own opportunities in non-conventional ways.

    For example, remember what I mentioned in the beginning about picking a niche and making a list of companies operating in that niche.

    Reaching out to these companies gives you a better chance to get high paying blog writing job opportunities than general job websites. This is because you specialize in writing content on the topics they care about.

    Another way is to contact agencies which provide content writing services to their clients. You’ll not be charging the clients directly, but at least you’ll have some paying work in the beginning.

    Here are some websites where you can find hundreds of agencies to reach out to:

    Agency List - Agency List is a professional directory to help businesses and professionals discover the top marketing agencies in 50+ industries around the nation. - This website features ratings and reviews of leading technology and marketing service firms. It’s a good, data-driven handbook for B2B hiring and job decisions. .

    UpCity - UpCity is on a mission to introduce buyers to service providers that can be trusted. The same list is also helpful for aspiring content writers to reach out to those service providers.

    The Manifest - The Manifest is a website for business news, guides and compilation of practical wisdom and companies for entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers.

    Digital Agency Network - As the name suggests, it’s a network where agency owners list their companies, promote content and also post content writing jobs to recruit new team members.

    You can select agencies based on some common attributes like your niche, geographic location or the type of content you write.

    Applying The Right Way

    Once you have shortlisted potential employers or agencies you can reach out to, don’t just rush to contact them.

    Once you have a list, scout their websites to learn about the people behind those companies. Consider who might be a good fit to reach out to talk about writing content for them.

    For each company, go through their website/blog, about page and social media profiles, especially LinkedIn.

    This will give you a general sense of who are the people behind the agency, what type of clients they work with and who’d be the best person to contact.

    If it’s a small company, you’ll probably want to reach out to the owner, CEO or managing director.

    For a large enterprise, look for people with job titles related to content writing. These could be VP of Marketing, Head of Content, Digital Marketing Manager and so on.

    Typically, you want to reach out to someone who has the terms “marketing,” “editor” or “content” in their job titles.

    And if they have a LinkedIn profile, your first step should be sending a connection request with a note. In your note, you can say something like this:

    Hi [First Name], I’m a writer and have been working with fitness brands like X, Y and Z. I was reading your blog and came across your profile. I thought it was really interesting.

    So I thought I’d reach out and say hello. Would love to connect. Have a great week ahead. - [Your Name]

    Note how I did not try to pitch or ask for a job. I was genuinely interested in what this person does.

    You need to keep connecting with people even if it won’t translate to anything at that particular time. Then you can take the conversation ahead from there.

    Also note that you should have a properly filled and optimized LinkedIn profile before you approach anyone on LinkedIn.

    If connecting with someone on LinkedIn first is not an option, you can shoot a straight email like this:

    Hi [First Name], I am a writer and I recently moved to Chicago. So I am looking to connect with local content agencies.

    I’ve written for companies mainly in the fitness industry, including Brand 1, Brand 2 and Brand 3. You can see my portfolio here [portfolio link].

    If you’re interested, I’ll be glad to work on a temporary basis at $X/word [or $X/hour] so you can assess the quality of my work. Thanks for your time.

    While you’re sending these emails, remember that following up is also important. If someone hasn’t replied for at least 2-3 days, make sure to send a follow up email.

    Keep hustling, growing your network, and pitching to jobs at these platforms. Sooner or later, you’ll definitely find a content writing project that pays what you deserve.


    Now you know how to go after and get the best copywriting job opportunities. But keep in mind that knowledge is only useful when you put it in action.

    So get started today with all you’ve seen in this piece and watch you succeed in your job search. With the right niche, skills, tools, and marketing approach, there’s no stopping your progress.

    Did I miss anything? Did you try these steps? Do you have any questions or comments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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