How To Build Your Own Business As A Freelance Proofreader

start proofreading business

In this intensive training guide, I have cited and organized the best articles, videos and other resources to effectively help you learn to build your own freelance business as a proofreader.

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Media Used With The Guide

  • Downloadable Handouts and Worksheets
  • PDF Simulation (Practice) Essays/Texts with Answer Keys (100+ Pages)
  • Online Facebook Support Group
  • Video Presentations (with Audio)
  • Additional Online Resources

Recommended Texts/Resources

  • The Chicago Manual of Style (16 th Edition)
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11 th Edition)

Table Of Contents

Module 1: Introduction To Proofreading

This module covers who needs a proofreader, the skills you need to be successful, and the differences between proofreading and editing/copyediting.

Module 2: Basics of ​Proofreading

This module covers the most common types of errors you will need to watch out for as a proofreader. You’ll be ready to dive into the practice worksheets and put your skills to the test!

Module 3: ​Proofreading Methods + Practice

See four different types of proofreading methods with thorough lessons on how to make them work best for you. Then put them to work with sample practice texts.

Module 4: ​Turning Proofreading into a Business

Once you have the skills and practice you need, learn how to build your business. Learn how to create your website and résumé, and about rates, taxes, and a great place to get even more experience as a proofreader before pitching clients.

Module 5: ​Finding Freelance Jobs

This module is GOLD. I am showing you the different ways you can get proofreading clients.

Module 6: ​Once You Get the Job

You’ve landed a gig. Now what? Here’s how to work with your client’s preferences, your relationship with other editors, and the best way to bill your clients.

Module 7: ​Getting the Most From Freelancing

You’ve made it! In the end, I’ll show you how a typical proofreader structures their day, plus how to build the confidence you need to succeed.

Module 8: ​Ignition Exam (Coming Soon)

A hand-graded exam evaluating for aptitude and competence in the practice of general proofreading.

Additional Information

You should expect to spend a period of at least one month to complete this guide. It’s highly recommended that you take as much time you need to ensure full absorption of the material.

In the future, you’ll have the opportunity to take a human-graded exam on completing the course content. In order to qualify for a certificate, a score of 90% or better is required.