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It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” – Clay Shirky

Hi. My name is Hitesh Sahni and I am a freelance writer, marketer, website designer and founder of Smemark - a digital services agency. 

As you can tell from what I do, I love the world wide web. The internet has helped me follow my personal and professional interests where formal education has not. 

All the things I like to learn more about, or skills for which I get paid and make a living have been self-taught, or rather web-taught. 

But lately, I have been sick and tired of the Internet's ability to give me valuable information. The Web is a big place, full of useful and practical articles, guides and tools across all areas of interest. The challenge is finding, remembering and sharing the good stuff. 

While Google is great for quickly answering major and minor questions, but I have been finding myself putting a lot of effort in trying different keywords and checking through results to find high-quality links on a specific topic.

Social media and community curation sites are no different. And it's even worse when sites like Google, Facebook or Flipboard spy on what I am reading and try to guess what I'll like. 

For example, let's say you're looking for information on starting a business. Or you see the link to such an article in your social media feed. Most probably, it'll go somewhat like this:

Step 1: Have confidence in yourself - confidence is key to launching a business!
Step 2: You must have a product or service you want to sell.
Step 3: Pick a business idea & hire employees that align with your ethos.
Step 4: Make sure to market your business and provide great customer service.
Step 5: Want to learn more?  Take our business course or buy 1-To-1 coaching!

Articles like these are dime a dozen, but it's hard to find high-quality links and articles with a broader learning structure or a linear sequence to put it all under. 

What is EduSumo?

Remember the old Yahoo, when it was a human-curated directory? It gave us the right websites that we needed on certain topics. And if a website didn't give real value, it didn't get in.  

Perhaps it's time again for the same kind of strict editorial oversight for articles, news stories, blog posts and other links - gathering the best in one place, and filtering out the fluff. That's why I have launched this project called EduSumo.

EduSumo allows users to submit, discover, curate and share the best links on hundreds of areas of interest. New links are hand-picked every week based on strict editorial review and organized by tags.

Each link added to EduSumo is manually reviewed by one of our editors for usefulness, relevance and quality. Only the best links are approved. 

This means that we can show you the best links across many areas of interest. With emphasis on the power of the human moderation, EduSumo greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet. 

It's an information filter to help you find your nuggets of gold. And that's not all. With EduSumo, you can:


Bookmark Links & Access From Anywhere

Submit or upvote your favorite articles to later access from anywhere, anytime from any device with an internet connection, or share on social media to build an audience.

When you add or upvote a link, you aren't just sharing it with our community, but also saving it in your online account, instead of your browser. 

So you can access your links from any device with an internet connection, whether at home, at work, or on the road. 


Discover Tasty Content Every Week

Whenever you’re looking for information on a particular topic, you have a great ready-made compilation of favorite articles and pages to choose from.

View the best links on any topic, or subscribe to tags you're interested in to get the best content delivered every week to your inbox. Click on a tag to view its page. Then use the subscription bar to opt in.


Share Your Links With The Community

In any social media or curation platform, the more quality content you share, the bigger your following and audience will get. But the biggest hurdle in the way is sharing quality content on a consistent basis. 

It's not possible for individuals or businesses to keep creating new content day after day. That's why apart from creating their own content, they also curate and share content created by others. 

EduSumo makes this process quick and easy by giving you the ability to do everything - discover, curate and share your links on social media - all from a single place. 


A Private, Unbiased, Cozy Reading Experience

EduSumo is built for those of us who like a private and meaningful reading experience. I don't want personalized results, and I don't want to know what my friends are reading. And I certainly don't like a website to sneak on what I am reading. 

That's why EduSumo doesn’t analyse or pry on what you’re reading or upvoting to try and guess what you’ll like. Our links are non-personalized and unbiased. The only criteria is usefulness and relevance considering the topic.

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